Sports Betting – College Football, NBA, and NHL

sports betting

Besides MLB, NHL, and college football, other popular sports for sports bettors include the NBA, NHL, and MLB. These three sports feature intense action and attract massive wagers. However, one of the most popular is college football, which dominates the sports betting landscape. Learn more about Moneylines, Futures bets, Parlays, and more in this article. Besides college football, these sports also attract huge wagers, especially during the playoffs.

College football dominates sports betting

One of the oldest forms of sports betting, college football has become a dominant force in the betting world. In 1869, Rutgers and Princeton played the first game of college football. Soon after, real money gambling became popular worldwide, and college football betting thrived. Even if you’ve never bet on a college game, you might still be intrigued by the possibilities. In addition to being more competitive than professional sports, college football has the potential to offer some seriously profitable wagers.


Sportsbooks release betting odds for all game types, including moneylines. It’s important to track betting odds and identify differences between recent games. These differences indicate how the betting public and oddsmakers are thinking about a particular matchup. Using moneylines can help you determine whether the odds you see are realistic and profitable. To begin, learn about the different types of moneylines. Then, apply these tips to your bets.

Futures bets

Futures bets on sports are a great way to bet on the outcome of an event months in advance. You can bet on the exact player who will win the Stanley Cup or the next manager to be fired. Even politics has futures bets. Some of these markets are open for years before they are settled, and the knowledge of what and when to bet is essential. Futures betting is a lucrative way to make some money from your wagers.


While there are many ways to win with sports betting, parlays aren’t the best option for everyone. There are many different ways to bet on sports and the best bet for you is to focus on research and study. Parlays in sports betting involve multiplying the payouts of each game. For example, betting on the favorite quarterback to throw over 2.5 touchdowns while throwing at least 1.5 interceptions is a bad bet. However, there are proven strategies for winning parlays.


Many casual bettors like asking the better team to win straight up. However, if the underdogs get upset, multiple two-team teasers can be disastrous. This is where the importance of key numbers comes into play. Many games are decided by three, six, or seven points, and knowing these numbers can be helpful. You will want to avoid crossing zero, as this will cost you too much edge. Furthermore, you will be paying for points that may not matter.

Reverse-line movement

If you have ever made a bet using the reverse-line movement method, you know that you’ve been on the right side of the line when most of the professional action is on the opposite side of the public’s bets. This is because the sportsbooks usually side with the professionals. However, sometimes it’s too late to take advantage of this movement, since the line must have moved in order to be obvious. But even if it has moved, you can still find it at different sportsbooks. Hunting the old line can be an effective way to capitalize on this strategy.